Faith and Grief

In addition to directing this Emmaus Family Support ministry, my day job involves working in communications for the Archdiocese of Regina. One aspect of this work includes co-hosting and producing a weekly podcast called “Thinking Faith: The Catholic Podcast.”

The recent loss of our family pet, a sweet dog who helped many of us weather the storms of mental health challenges as they rose in our lives over the years, led to some reflecting on the relationship between faith and grief and the ways that a life of faith can provide the means of navigating painful losses in all areas of life.

This seemed appropriate timing as November is traditionally a month dedicated to remembering and praying for our dearly departed loved ones and friends. It can also be a time when we experience a deepening or resurgence of grief over losses, whether they have been recent or some time ago. In the following podcast, I take some time to examine ways we might approach the experience of grief from a faith perspective.

Show Snippet: “The Church Fathers, many of them, really picked up on this idea of St. Paul’s and really discouraged lamenting and grieving publically in Christians as a sign of a lack of faith in the Resurrection…BUT I did find one notable and quite profound exception that really hits on healthy ways to grieve…”

Peace and God Bless,

Deacon Eric Gurash

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